We are

We create interactive media experiences.
Our company offers solutions for a wide range of realtime applications. We have a strong expertise in Virtual and Mixed Reality, Game Development and Visualization. If you want to explore and conquer the digital world in innovative ways, we are the right partner for your ideas. Our technical know-how can help you, from consulting and prototyping, up to the development of customized software. There are many possibilities to strengthen your potential with Virtual Reality and Gamification and we accompany you on the way to fully unfold this. We use state of the art technology and develop for a wide range of platforms to bring your vision to life.

Our services


High quality and realtime ready assets based on your concept.


We can help optimize your workflow or solve difficult challenges for you.

Game Development

We don't just love games,
we love making them!


From production tools to components and plugins, just tell us what you need.

Virtual Reality

Immersive worlds, not just for fun but also a new and exciting workspace.


Your product in the digital world, fully interactive, on any platform desired.


The Team

Benjamin Assig

3D Artist

"Baking Process 99%"

Ben is an experienced 3D-Artist with a focus on games and other realtime applications. His passion is to turn plans and visions into (virtual) reality - with precision, an eye for details and the latest techniques available he creates custom 3D models, textures and materials.

Matthias Ewald

Technical Artist

"I am here to make things look pretty and run smoothly."

Matthias is a versitale and flexible allrounder with a focus on engine related things. He has a strong background in classical 3D-Design but expanded to programming very early in his career. Thus, he is the perfect connection between code and art. Shaders, Engine-Tools, VFX, Performance Optimization and Lighting are his main tasks in production.

Oliver Eichner


"It's kind of fun to be a life-giver for artificial realities."

Oli is a computer scientist, software architect and game developer. Connecting bare bones of tech to robust fully grown solutions. He loves finding solutions for complex problems.

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